Square Business Owners React to Board of Aldermen Vote

Square restaurant owners were not surprised but still disappointed over Tuesday’s vote not to allow Sunday alcohol sales in the city of Oxford.

One of the main issues on the line for restaurant owners concerning the sale of alcohol on Sundays is the increased profit.

Allison Borders-Henson, owner of Two Stick, said, “One of the main things for me is income; it’s not about filling my pocket but just making rent.”

Will Lewis, whose wife Patty Lewis is part owner of the Downtown Grille agreed saying the change would be, “beneficial for the way restaurants do business.”

The owners generally did not see the same problems with selling alcohol on Sundays as the Board of Aldermen and focused on the growth this change could bring.

“I don’t see any problems, I really don’t see it being rowdy and crazy on a Sunday,” said Matt Scott, Assistant General Manager of Old Venice.

Borders-Henson said, “I understand their reasoning but at the same time Oxford needs to grow a bit and that would be one step.”

All of the owners interviewed agreed that it was time for a change, some were more optimistic than others.

Scott commented about the process saying, “We feel like the people should have more say in it [the vote], not just the mayor and Aldermen and no one else.”

Both Lewis and Borders-Henson agreed that eventually the change would pass. “I have faith in them that they’ll let us try this out.  I’m hopeful that they’ll reconsider,” said Borders-Henson.