3 Blind Wines, See how they taste!

Fall is in the air, and many Oxford residents want nothing more than to enjoy the changing leaves and crisp air with a glass of their favorite red wine.

The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council (YAC )is offering an opportunity to do just that, hosting its first fundraiser of the fall this Tuesday, a wine tasting they call Three Blind Wines.

Wayne Andrews, Director of the YAC, said, “We hope everyone will come out, it’s a very fun event, it’s a very simple event. We’re trying to do something very different from the usual wine tasting, we wanted to do something really fun and playful. “

Each pair of tasters is asked to bring three bottles of the same red wine; two will be tasted by all attendees, who will vote silent-auction style for their favorite wine.  The pair whose wine receives the most votes will win the third bottle of wine brought by every tasting pair.

Andrews said red wine was chosen because it does not have to be chilled, which makes it easier to leave out during tasting, and also because it is more of a fall wine.

Another reason red wine was selected is there are a plethora of varieties people could choose to bring.  Andrews explained, “People will bring probably their favorite wine, so I think we’ll see a lot of different things people like to drink. I think we’re going to see everything from a merlot to a syrah to a zinfandel.”

Tasting pairs won’t go home empty-handed if they don’t win the tasting wines though, there will be a number of door prizes given away.  Attendees who order their wine from one of the sponsoring liquor stores in town will receive a door prize ticket, and extras can be purchased at the event for $5.  Prizes include gift certificates to the Ravine, Kiame’s, Star, PJ’s, donated bottles of wine and many more.

Due to the slow economy, the YAC is switching to more intimate, once a quarter fundraising events, which they hope will not only raise more money than a large, yearly event, but also attract more people. Andrew said, ”We hope to attract a different audience with these different events, get them more engaged in the arts council and talk to the things we do all year long, instead of one yearly event. We do 315 days of arts programming, so we really want to see people more often to let them know what’s going on.”

Three Blind Wines is also reaching out to the Ole Miss Greek community.  YAC intern Catherine Cartwright said in an email the event will be a competition for participation between the sororities and fraternities.  Every organization who has 5 or more teams participate in the tasting will receive $500 off their next rental at the Powerhouse, and the organization with the most participation will win half off their next rental, in addition to the title of YAC Greek Organization of the Year.

Due to Mississippi brown bag laws, tasting pairs must fill out an order form at participating liquor stores, Star, PJ’s or Kiame’s, and event organizers will pick up every pair’s wines.  Cost of the event is $25, or $20 for YAC members, in addition to the cost of the wine.  Tickets may be purchased at the Powerhouse, and only those 21 years and older may attend.

Three Blind Wines will be at the Powerhouse from 7-9 p.m., and additional information can be found on the YAC website, oxfordarts.com, or by calling the Powerhouse at 662-236-6429.