McGonigal Reflection #1

Although our first assignment for Jane McGonigal’s book was just the first 70 or so pages, I found myself unable to put the book down over the weekend.  Granted I was in a car for 6 hours both ways to Chattanooga, TN so that made it a little easy, but her book raises so many interesting ideas that I was compelled to keep reading.

Before this book, I only knew a little about gaming and the gaming community;  I’ve never owned a gaming system, I have probably played 5 computer games in my life, and I’ve never tried any of the online games that now exist.  The information McGonigal has revealed about the gaming community and the nature of games has completely opened up the gaming world to me.  Granted, I’m still skeptical that we should all incorporated a few hours of gaming into our weekly regimens to increase happiness.  But I think her ideas about games as motivating tools have a lot of potential in the interactive media and especially the educational field.