BIG project, BIG problems

It seems that the bigger the flash project, the more problems are bound to come up.   The infographic I’m working on is one of those big projects.  I’m doing an interactive timeline on my undergraduate thesis topic, the false positives extrajudicial killings which took place in Colombia in 2008.  The timeline hopefully will show the militarization of Colombia’s internal conflict through a pictorial bar graph that changes every year from 2007-2009.  Then each year will have a monthly timeline of the events that happened in relation to the case.  Figuring out how to get all of these elements into one stage is probably the hardest part, since it’s basically one large timeline that I decided to split up thematically.  Right now I’m kicking myself for doing that, but c’est la vie.  There’s just a lot of information to display and it’s hard enough to get people interested in obscure humanitarian issues as it is, without having the added pressure of aesthetics.

An added dimension of complication is that there are no requirements to this project, and my peers will be grading me, rather than my professor.  This is meant to make the project feel more like a real world assignment, since no supervisor is ever going to come say, “Hey Rachel, I need you to make us a Flash infographic AND you must use at least 3 tweens, a slide bar, and import a video.” AND having fellow classmates grade might be more like a web audience rather than an expert’s opinion when a teacher is grading.  But these challenges also mean that there are endless possibilities and approaches, and for me it’s harder to do something when the sky is the limit than when I have requirements I have to meet.  Plus I’m very new to the whole web aesthetics world, so I’m still learning about what looks good and how to make something look good, which puts me at a distinct disadvantage without any guidance to go off of.  But these are the challenges of the creative world, and once I learn how to make things and make them attractive, I know that I won’t have any problems.

Right now, I’m still fiddling around with code, refining some tweens, and making sure everything WORKS and if I get some good feedback, maybe I’ll be done for the week.  I’m scared to think of going back to the drawing board if this doesn’t turn out to look and work as nicely as I wanted it to…But luckily no matter what, I’ll have another shot since we are making another Flash infographic in Motley’s Visual Aesthetics class.  That one will be about the Mexican drug war (surprise surprise), so I’ll be able to perfect my work on this theme!