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Never in my life did I think that not being a gamer would ever be an issue.  This week in Production we are making games and thus my disadvantage.  Let me clarify here that I have played games, pack in the day of CD-ROMs I was a big fan of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Frogger.  But I never owned a hand-held game device or a console gaming device (like a Nintendo or X-box).  I do LOVE Rock Band and Guitar Hero but that’s about as much as I have played on a console device.  And like anyone with an iPhone, I have Angry Birds, Words With Friends, and Fruit Ninja, but very rarely do I waste my battery life on those (I use my boyfriend’s iPhone4 for that….).  I just am not into games.  I like reading, cooking, reading about cooking, eating, reading about eating…etc. SO when it comes to designing a game, I’m pretty useless.

That’s why I’m designing a game that only an ADD 4-year-old would enjoy! It’s called Monkey Madness and the whole point is to feed as many monkeys before time expires.  The monkeys are moving around and jaguars come to try to eat you before you feed to monkeys and you just drag and drop the bananas.  Pretty straight forward code-wise and playing-wise; which works for me.  Except that I didn’t realize that multiple levels of a game are necessary….oops.  I’m going to have to make the monkeys move faster and make more jaguars pop up.

Fun fact: as we’ve been practicing the making of games in class,most of mine have involved animals….I guess I really like animal games?  That’s weird, I’m a weird person. Check out the screenshots:

A game version of "Are You My Mother?"
A game version of "Are you my mother?"
A children's counting game!

There was an exception however.  I made a Star Wars game:

My love for Star Wars is embarrassing at times.  If I had room in my public folder I would put links to these games so you all could play them online but Flash is a bit large and I have actual schoolwork to put in there. Sad day for all you, I know.

Happy Monday, back to work!


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