Being a better teammate

I just read this article on Skyd by Ultimate Rob about being a better teammate that really motivated me.  He broke down  5 things to help everyone be a better teammate:

  1. Learn to listen (be coachable).
  2. Throw on your own.
  3. Be supportive.
  4. Be accountable.
  5. Set goals.
His advice to players was to write your goals for your captains to cement them for the season, and I really like this idea.  I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want from this season, my last season of college ultimate.  Ultimate is a lot more competitive up in North Carolina, and I can really learn a lot and improve my playing if I focus.  Goal-wise I have been really focused on improving in order to make a certain nationally ranked club team (coughphoenixcoughcoughcough), but I never really sat down and decided what I needed to work on.  So here it is, my goals for the rest of winter practices and the spring season of college ultimate:
  • Work on consistent throwing by focusing on this in practice, getting to practice early to throw, and throwing on off-weekends. (We practice 4 days a week, so there really aren’t and off days).
  • Bring consistency on offense by not dropping catches, and keep consistency on defense by sticking with my man.
  • Be a leader through good spirit and chilly playing on the field.
I’m really looking forward to this spring.  The Elon women have only improved over this fall’s tournaments, and I know this spring will only bring more improvement and hopefully more wins!  In terms of accomplishing my goals, I’m lucky enough to be living with my ultimate-playing boyfriend who is a really great coach and throwing partner.  The coach of the Elon women is in my grad program, which is great to have someone to talk to on and off the field about strategy and areas improvement.  And I’ve got this blog! It’s a great diversion from the craziness of grad school and will keep me thinking about ultimate while I’m not at practice, another step in improving and accomplishing the things I want for spring season.
To be continued….