In two classes, we have begun discussing the wide world of site hosting, server languages, and content management systems.  In other words, I’m learning a different language.  It’s called ‘develper-ese.’

I have a lot more questions in this blog post than useful information for you, my poor readers.  Like, when I google “PHP” why does this debate about PHP vs. Ruby on Rails keep popping up? I’m reading the wiki page for Ruby on Rails and I still don’t get what that is.  I found this website that explains what PHP is and why we use it, which is nice.  The author uses a lot of jargon though, so at my current level, I’m not entirely sure what these other languages are that he keeps mentioning….

So PHP and Ruby on Rails are open source scripting languages or something.  This I understand! I like open source.  In the perfect internet world, all software would be open source and we could all take part in this collaborative sharing of information, tools, and processes.  I realize this is far from the case, but this is what I see what I hear “open source” and it makes me like pretty much anything open source.

Another thing is MySQL.  I looked up this wiki page and apparently the guy who created it named it for his daughter, My.  MySQL is pretty straightforward, it’s a database management system, it has a GNU public license so you can look up its code, and basically if you’re going to host your site yourself you need this.  Pretty straightforward.  The one question I’m left with is why on EARTH did this guy name his daughter My?

In the near future, I will have to purchase a domain name, get MySQL and download this thing called MAMP (I don’t even know, but its logo is an elephant, which is nice).   Thus, I am on the road to having a general grasp of developer-ese but as of now, I’m pretty lost.