Final Project

The final project for IM production is to make our portfolio site, using Flash or Javascript to animate the site.  This is a really practical project for this point in the program, since now we’ve accumulated enough work to actually start a portfolio.  The only thing is, now I have to go back and try to implement all of the critiques I have gotten on my work.  That in itself is a project, but luckily that part will com after I’ve turned in the site.

The first step in creating my portfolio site is buying the domain name and server space, which I did last week!  My very own domain for the next year will be, but don’t bother going there because there isn’t anything up yet.  It turns out hosting your own website is actually a little complicated, and I’m still working on that process.  But shortly, there WILL be something up at that URL, so get excited.

Here is what I am trying to create in my portfolio site: a one-stop-shop for everything I’ve worked on online- interactive projects, my blogs, my Twitter, etc.  I’m also going to include all pertinent job-seeking information such as my LinkedIn and my online resume.  Hopefully it will give prospective employers the full picture of who I am and what I can do, before they meet me in person.  Thus far I’ve come up with a layout (for now…) and picked a color scheme (purple!) so soon I will have a finished product to show at  I’ll update this post when the project is finished!