Wrapping up the semester

For our final project of the semester in Theory, we turned our research papers into an interactive version.  It could be anything from a game to an infographic, a website, or a video.  This project was especially exciting for me because last year when I finished my senior thesis, I wanted to turn it into some kind of interactive project that anyone could see and understand, but didn’t know where to start.  Over the course of this semester, I have learned so much about creating interactive projects, and how to think about interactivity that now this kind of project was really fun to tackle.

My research paper was looking at the digital divide in Latin America and what effect it has on indigenous populations.  To do this, I examine literature and statistics on the region, as well as analyzing a number of indigenous websites.  I found there were a number of ways that indigenous peoples used the internet that helped them overcome the  digital divide but that despite large improvements in access over the past decade, the divide still persists in Latin America.

This topic could be really dense given the amount of literature I used, so to turn this into an interactive version, I decided to go with infographics which focus on images rather than words to get their point across.  So I made two- one on how indigenous groups use the internet, and another about the divide in Latin America.  I built a website to house the infographics, the PDF of my paper, and links to all of the indigenous websites I analyzed.  I’m really happy with how the project turned out, and hope it’s interesting to people other than me!  Here’s a link to the project: