(Almost) Workin’ Girl

I’m not a workin’ girl yet, but I’ve been doing a lot recently to try to change that! I have been creating a lot of different versions of my resume to fine-tune my skills and experience for potential employers and have one I think I’m happy with.  At the Elon Career Center, they recommend using the website Wordle to see which words are going to pop out to employers.  Here’s the Wordle for my most recent resume:
Wordle: Resume!

It’s not quite perfect, but I’ve been able to include a lot more than in previous versions!

The other step I’ve been taking towards post-graduation employment is to conduct informational interviews with nonprofits in the Triangle.  I get to learn a lot about what working for a nonprofit is like, and network along the way.  Most recently I met with Ricky Leung, the new media director at NC Policy Watch.  He told me how he found his current and previous jobs in new media, and shared some of the tools and tasks he deals with on a daily basis.  It was great to know what the skills I’m learning here at iMedia will be applicable for in a real job.

In the next month I’ve got another informational interview, this time with the communications director at the Center for International Understanding.  Should be another enlightening talk!  Until then I’ll be scouring LinkedIn, Idealist.org, and my other regular sites for job listings and trying to start getting some freelance projects over on Elance.  I’m also starting a Pinterest board with all of my job-seeking information- links, resume, Wordles.  It’s a tip I have seen floating around Twitter and LinkedIn for social media-inclined job seekers to show off to potential employers.  Let’s hope that, and the rest of my work, pays off in the next few months!