Here at iMedia, we have a culminating project called the Capstone.  This project is an opportunity to work with a client or stretch some creative muscles by creating something using all of the skills we have covered in the program.  It is a lot like a thesis project, except instead of a paper, the outcome is a cool interactive “thing.”

In my case, I am working with the nonprofit The Tomorrow Fund for Hispanic Students, who raise money for scholarships to North Carolina schools for Latino college students as well as set up mentoring for Latina college students.  I will be redesigning their website to include a more streamlined way to donate and more interactive content.  I will also be developing a social media strategy to integrate their Facebook page, Twitter, etc. into a great means of communication with donors and scholarship recipients as well as a way to bring in new donors and supporters.

Right now, I am at the reorganization and research phase of my project.  I am currently reading Likeable Media’s book on how to use social media to engage audiences and gain awareness for brands.   While the book focuses mainly on businesses, a lot of the strategies are easily transferable to nonprofits. It is definitely a great resource to check out for learning more about social media!  I am also looking at a lot of different nonprofit websites for layout ideas, and how they incorporate storytelling elements to create empathy with visitors.  I love Vandelay Designs’ blog for website design inspiration! Their list of 40 Great Nonprofit Websites gave me a lot of great ideas, the best by far being Vittana, an organization that raises money for student loans around the world in a way really similar to Kiva loans. Vittana includes a lot of short bio/profiles of students that I think would be great for The Tomorrow Fund.

This week I hope to include all of my ideas and inspiration in some wireframes/mock-ups for my client based on my cardsorting reorganization of the website’s content, check it out:

Card Sorting page 1Card Sorting Page 2


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  1. I’ll be the first to say that navigating social media is a bit over my head (as you know, I don’t have a facebook, so I might as well be living in a cave) so kudos to you for picking this project! It sounds like you’ve chosen a daunting project for a good cause and I’m sure you’re going to learn lots and lots and lots along the way.

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