Curried Mussels

Recently mussels have been on sale like CRAZY at out grocery store. Tonight was the third time in the past month and a half we’ve had mussels and I think I’ve found my favorite recipe!

Every other time we have made them in a tomato sauce and served them over pasta. This was only “eh” to me. It wasn’t very flavorful and and grit from the mussels made the sauce awful.

So this time we went for a preparation of the Asian persuasion and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! We used this recipe from All Recipes and just subbed chicken stock for white wine and sauteed red onion for the green onion. At the end I threw in a can of bamboo shoots and we served it over rice with Sriratcha sauce to taste.


Seriously y’all, go make this! Any grittiness from the mussels doesn’t show through AT ALL. I used hot Madras curry powder which led to a buttery yellow, delicate curry sauce. There were plenty of leftovers making a full recipe and serving 2, so you can bet we’re eating this tomorrow night too!


The one thing I am curious about is does anyone know any good tips for avoiding shell breakage while steaming mussels? I’m always picking out shell fragments at the end of cooking.
Also I love a good beer pairing with dinner if anyone has any suggestions for a good beer pair with curries? With this, Matt had Franziskaner and I had Rogue Dead Guy (just because that was all we had) and those Ales seemed to work with the dish!


2 thoughts on “Curried Mussels

  1. Yum, mussels! I waited with bated breath in France until May, when the mussels came into season. Almost every brasserie had a sign saying something like, “les moules sont arrivées!” They serve “moules frites” as just the mussels with different sauces poured over them, with a side of fries for dipping.

    I don’t know about beers, but when I make curry dishes I drink a dry white wine, like a Riesling, because the wine flavor doesn’t sit around in my mouth and compete with the curry flavor. Reds aren’t a good idea because they do the exact opposite! A Burgundy is like a meal within itself, ha!

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