Shape Up NC! Sample Social Media Plan

  1. Audience Analysis
    1. Who is the audience: 52% of North Carolinians are obese according to the CDC. 26% in the youth age range 12-18 and 20% from 5-11 are overweight.  Based on these statistics, I will be focusing on the teen age rage, since 1 in 4 are overweight, and the adult age range, which can help reduce adult obesity and obesity rates in their children.
    2. Audience Social Media Use: This plan will focus on the adult demographic, who can have an influence in the lives of their kids under 18. Adults use social media mainly in the morning at work, and in the evening, so our updates during these times will focus on family activities and ideas that get all ages participating.
  2. Example Plans
    1. EmpowerHER: women’s social health.  Facebook page with lots of shares, commenting, polls, updated questions, and integration with other SM platforms.  Ran a campaign called Be My Healthy Valentine (Description available: where women could send health-themed valentines through their Facebook page.
    2. Habit Heroes: Disney paired up with Blue Cross Blue Shield for this campaign and ride in Disney World’s Epcot park.  While not a strictly social media campaign, it shows the line that marketers have to respect between shaming people into health and informing them (,0,1737330.story and
  3. Objectives
    1. Analytics: Evaluate the effectiveness of posted links through the use of link shortener.  Keep track of Facebook likes and shares to evaluate posts through built-in analytics.
    2. Follow more health organizations and similar campaigns to keep up with what the “competition” is doing, find content to retweet, and to hopefully get retweets of our own content.
    3. Increase not only followers, but the amount of retweets, replies, likes, comments, and shares so that popularity and participation are increasing.  Instead of a numerical goal with a time line, this is an ongoing engagement goal.
    4. Integrate contests across multiple platforms: Facebook and FourSquare to engage more people.
  4. Knowledge
    1. I am assuming that the Shape Up NC audience is aware of the importance of health and fitness for their lives, but either not sure how they can take steps to live healthier lives or and interested in finding new tools and information about living a healthy life.  These are people who may have already been told they should look for ways to improve their health, or may be typically healthy and would like to remain so.
  5. Platforms
    1. Twitter: This platform will be the main way of dispersing useful information and facts for followers. Through Twitter we will be able to publicize any polls and contests on Facebook.  Twitter is the best for publicity and dispersing information because people use Twitter as a news gathering site and expect content and updates from the accounts they follow.
    2. Facebook: We will keep an active presence on Facebook to interact with followers with questions, polls, and contests to encourage engagement.  Facebook is better for engagement because the wall feature encourages active conversation and checking in more often.
    3. FourSquare: We will partner with locations on FourSquare that encourage healthy lifestyle (parks, gyms, health food stores, health-conscious restaurants) and recognize the mayors of these locations via Twitter and contests to encourage competition to live healthy and check in often.
  6. Staff Support
    1. Public Relations Officer: Oversees the entire campaign and project.  Collaborates with team members to come up with new ideas for the campaign, communicates with other branches of Shape Up NC to make sure everyone is aware and promoting the campaign.
    2. Social Media Coordinator: This person would be in charge of gathering content to post on all the platforms, monitoring analytics, interacting with followers, and posting.
    3. Community Coordinator: This person would be in charge of forming relations with community organizations who are also involved with healthy living, creating partnerships with local businesses that promote a healthy lifestyle, and promoting the social media campaign offline.
  7. Example Tweets:
    1. Links and Content Tweets:
  • Curious about your or your child’s BMI? Check out this calculator from Fit Together NC #ShapeUpNC
  • We love walking as a way to get moving! Check out these tips from @American_Heart here: #ShapeUpNC
  • Cravings got you down? Here’s some healthy substitutions from @goodhousemag #ShapeUpNC
  • Even @Time is on the healthy living bandwagon- check out their article on ways to get moving with your kids #ShapeUpNC
  • Do you have enough energy? Take this quiz from Eat Smart Move More NC to find out: #ShapeUpNC
  • Thinking about starting a running program? Here are some tips to help you get started: #ShapeUpNC
  • Cycling is a great way to get exercise and save the planet!  What beginners should know: #ShapeUpNC
  • Music is a great way to get motivated and stay motivated to workout. Here are the top tunes from @FitnessMag #ShapeUpNC
  • Have a sweet day with this delicious and slimmed-down Truffle Cookie recipe from @FoodNetwork #ShapeUpNC
  • If it’s hard to eat healthy with your family’s busy lives, check out these tips: #ShapeUpNC
  • Get the whole family involved in being more active. Be Active NC has great tips for kids: #ShapeUpNC
  • Here are some great blogs and resources on healthy living for this #ShapeUpNC #FF: @healthyliving @ @sanjayguptaCNN @CJNutrition @Greatist
  • On a budget and still want to eat healthy? Check out these tips: #ShapeUpNC
  1. Engagement and Contest Tweets:
  • Have you checked in on @foursquare lately? Be the mayor of your local park, gym, or healthy eatery to win prizes from #ShapeUpNC
  • Where is your favorite place to get moving outside? Tell us, and check in on @foursquare! #ShapeUpNC
  • We love getting fresh veggies from the farmers’ market opens in March! Tell us how you are celebrating the beginning of spring! #ShapeUpNC
  • Spring has sprung- Tell us your spring healthy living goals on Facebook! #ShapeUpNC
  • Life is busy, when do you fit in time to be active? #ShapeUpNC
  • Walking more can be easy! Park your car further away or take the stairs. What tips do you have for walking more? #ShapeUpNC
  • What are your favorite healthy week night dinners? We want to know! #ShapeUpNC