Battle of the Bookmarks

Pinterest vs. LoveIt

Battle of the Bookmarks

In the category of bookmark curation sites, Pinterest has established itself as   king in a relatively short amount of time.  But there is a new kid on the block, looking to get on the bandwagon of visual bookmark curation- I found out about LoveIt through Klout, where I was offered the opportunity to use LoveIt in beta. The similarities between LoveIt and Pinterest on the surface are uncanny. The two have incredibly similar layouts and color schemes and the same idea of collections or boards of content chosen by their owners.  But there are some specific differences between the two sites which may influence which one you decide to use for yourself.


As I mentioned, LoveIt is a new member of the online curation/bookmarking scene and is still in beta so you can only sign up with Facebook at this point. LoveIt took the Pinterest model and added a few features that may enhance users’ experiences.  First of all, there are more customization features available for users’ collections.  Like Pinterest, these collections can be managed alone or with other users, but LoveIt adds the opportunity to make collections private, so you can hide your secret dream wedding plans from friends or boyfriends.  LoveIt also has a really easy Edit more for collections, which allows users to drag and drop images between collections and re-order collections on their profiles.

LoveIt Profile

LoveIt has better tracking of original image links, available at the bottom of every image. When a user clicks on an image, they are directed to a new page with a larger version of the image and recommendations of similar content, similar collections, and users who have ‘loved’ the same content.

LoveIt Image Example

This makes it super easy to find new people and new content.  LoveIt will also recommend content on your feed by highlighting an image in yellow that based on your previous ‘loves’ they believe matches your interests.  Users can then ‘love’ these images or clear them from their feed by clicking an X on the image (or any image in their feed), helping LoveIt learn what they might like.


I wrote a whole post on Pinterest earlier this spring that you can check out here. In comparison to LoveIt, Pinterest is much more established, and thus has more users and more content.  For users whose priority is interacting with their friends and favorite brands, Pinterest is the obvious choice since there is a greater chance that people and organizations you know will have profiles. Also, Pinterest’s profiles (to me personally) are more visually pleasing and boards have cover photos that can be customized by users, so visitors have a better idea of what kind of content is included.

pinterest profile

 But many of LoveIt’s features are correcting shortcomings in the Pinterest experience.  A lot of times, it is difficult to find the original source of an image, and LoveIt does a better job of preserving this information.  Also there is no Pinterest equivalent of LoveIt’s recommendations, but there are more opportunities to share the content elsewhere when a user goes to ‘pin’ the image.

Pinterest Pin

The Verdict

Both LoveIt and Pinterest are great sites for finding new content and interacting with  bloggers,brands, and friends.  For organizations and brands, both offer an easy way of searching for new fans and customers in specific niches.  Pinterest is the clear choice in the latter, but if LoveIt continues growing, brands will be forced with a difficult choice.  I would liken the two sites as the difference between Tumblr and Blogspot.  There are different features on each site, but the general idea is the same so it is up to a user’s personal preference for which site they use.

Personally, I’ll keep my LoveIt account around because I have found some interesting content, which I have also ‘pinned’ on my Pinterest account because that is where I usually go to find content.  It will be interesting to see if LoveIt really takes off in the next year or finds a new niche that Pinterest hasn’t captured- male users perhaps?

We shall see…