Ashby’s First Days at Home

Last Friday we brought home our new little furball! He’s had some time to adjust to our little apartment and has developed some hilarious idiosyncrasies.

Here’s our little guy while at the shelter:


Ashby loves hanging out behind the books in our bookshelf, so we went with it and tucked his bed back there as well. Look how adorable he is:


He is a big help at home, look at him helping me get some work done:


Like every kitten, he LOVES playing. His favorite toy is the stick toy:


But all this playing makes Ashby a tired kitten, so he takes lots of cat naps throughout the day:


He’s proved he is well-behaved enough to roam the house at night, but this little guy prefers cuddling up with us. Ashby sleeps the whole night in our bed! Just for kicks, here’s his little kitten paw:


Awwwwwww! We gave the little furball his first bath today. It was a two person operation, so no pictures. He was actually pretty well-behaved; he didn’t claw us to death, but his meowing was enough to tear your heart to pieces!

Next time: Why you shouldn’t buy toys (because your cat will play with everything else around the house)