Ashby Update!

I am absolutely obsessed with this cute kitten:

Adventures in the bookshelves!

Seriously, my future children should be very afraid because at the rate this kitten is photographed, videotaped, and loved they are doomed. But when the situation is this photograph-able, how can I resist?!

Very Christmas card-worthy

Ashby has grown in both length and height since we brought him home two weeks ago, his skinny little frame is starting to fill out, and his coat is getting so shiny! He still follows us from room to room but has become more nocturnal. Instead of sleeping with us all night, Ashby wanders around and plays by himself. But when he knows it’s time for us to get up, he snuggles back in bed and will try to play if  we show we’re awake!

The other night, Ashby discovered the dishwasher, and it was so funny and adorable, I just had to video it! For your enjoyment, Kitten Stuck in the Dishwasher: