My Indoor-Outdoor Container Garden

This Labor Day weekend was the culmination of a gardening project we started earlier this winter: home composting for a container garden.

First, we started collecting organic waste on the kitchen  counter and composting in a plastic bin out on our porch. It was stinky and gross for the first few months, but now it is dark and not stinky at all!


Earlier this spring, I used my composted materials and potting soil to grow a little outdoor container herb garden. Results have been mixed; I killed a basil plant and a cilantro plant, and might be on my way to killing another basil plant and another cilantro plant. But the marjoram and the mint are doing great!

My struggling basil plant
My struggling basil plant
From left-right: mint, cilantro, marjoram
From left-right: mint, cilantro, marjoram

I’ve been dying to get some living plants inside, and this weekend was the perfect excuse to take that project on.  After 3 trips to Ace hardware because I bought more plants than pots, I’ve ended up with 5 pots and 7.5 plants!


My favorites are this Spider Plant and his friend the Purple Waffle:


This colorful Croton in a bright pot:


And this cute little guy:


Hooray plants!