Time for Halloween

candy corn
The pumpkins are the BEST

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. It takes place during the BEST season, there are all sorts of opportunities to get scared out of your mind, and then there are the ACTIVITIES! Pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, apple picking, corn mazes, haunted houses. It’s so much to cram in!

Usually this time of year calls for re-watching of Halloween movie classics: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and of course, Halloween. But this year, hanks to the wonder of Netflix, I have a queue of movies I have never seen to frighten me all the way up to Halloween night!

1. The Lady Vanishes-  A lesser-known Hitchcock. In this, a young woman aboard a train suddenly vanishes and none of the passengers can recall seeing her.

2. Children of the Corn– I am ashamed I’ve never seen this Steven King classic . Creepy kids killing adults and taking over a small rural town? Yes please!

3. The Crow– Rock star comes back to life to exact revenge on those who killed him and his girlfriend. It’s like Batman for Halloween!

4. The Faculty– A 90s cult classic I haven’t seen in a while but can’t wait to re-watch! Aliens take over invasion of the body snatchers-style starting with the high school. 90s stars like Josh Hartnett and Clea DuVall fight back. Awesome-ness ensues.

5. The Frighteners– Another cult classic! In this one a shady psychic detective uses his abilities to boost his business. It’s got Michael J. Fox so it’s impossible to go wrong.

6. Slither– It looks and sounds like a farce, but from what I’ve heard this body-snatchers flick is full of fright and fun. Plus Nathan Fillion. Be still my heart.

7. House at the End of the Street– The most recent movie on my list and also the only thriller/slasher.  A family moves to town and finds out their neighbors’ house was the site of a double murder, and their teenage daughter (Jennifer Lawrence, again can’t go wrong) investigates.

I’m going to need more than just this list, so let me know some more creepy movies to add to my netflix queue!