Christmas Movie Marathon!

I realized the last time I wrote a blog post was my Halloween movie-watching list about the same moment I started reminiscing about my favorite Christmas movies. So it seems only fair to present this, my list of favorite Christmas movies I’m planning on re-watching this holiday season:

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Apart from being a hilariously funny movie no matter how many times we watch it, this is a family tradition in the Johnson household. It is also my Papa’s favorite movie (after Patton and Lonesome Dove).

2. White Christmas &/or Holiday Inn- Some people are in two very separate camps where this movie is concerned, but I love both. Let’s be honest, either way you get Bing Crosby so everyone is happy!

3. The Nutcracker Ballet- I am a purist here. ONLY the Balanchine choreography will work for me here. One year I flipped one of those marathons that show the ballet from around the world and the crazy things other choreographers have done with this ballet is not ok with me. #BalanchineOrBust

4. Charlie Brown Christmas- I recently read that the part where Linus reads the book of Luke was a really controversial move at the time. Now, I am thinking it’s a good way to get out of Christmas Eve mass because Linus makes a great officiant.

5. Any of the Claymation specials- Rudolf, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, that one about Jack Frost, they’re all classics in my book.

6.The Preacher’s Wife- I haven’t seen this on in YEARS but it’s Whitney Houston singing Christmas music and Denzel Washington as an angel. ‘Nuff said.

7. A Chistmas Story-  This is just a good movie. It is a classic outside of being a good Christmas movie. I’ll probably have the marathon on all Christmas Eve.





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