Ashby’s First Christmas

The little guy endured another 10 hour drive to Alabama, this time with a little help from Benadryl, and was rewarded with cuddles and PRESENTS!

Ashby and his stocking
Ashby and his stocking
Look at this cool toy!
Look at this cool toy!
ANOTHER TOY! He is thrilled.
ANOTHER TOY! He is thrilled.

He really did have a good time. Little guy was burrowing beneath all the wrapping paper while we unwrapped presents, it was adorable. And he was much more relaxed this trip, so he could enjoy being cuddled by all the grandparents.

Now, Ashby is recovering from all the excitement by sleeping all day in my bed. Total cat move.




Christmas Movie Marathon!

I realized the last time I wrote a blog post was my Halloween movie-watching list about the same moment I started reminiscing about my favorite Christmas movies. So it seems only fair to present this, my list of favorite Christmas movies I’m planning on re-watching this holiday season:

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Apart from being a hilariously funny movie no matter how many times we watch it, this is a family tradition in the Johnson household. It is also my Papa’s favorite movie (after Patton and Lonesome Dove).

2. White Christmas &/or Holiday Inn- Some people are in two very separate camps where this movie is concerned, but I love both. Let’s be honest, either way you get Bing Crosby so everyone is happy!

3. The Nutcracker Ballet- I am a purist here. ONLY the Balanchine choreography will work for me here. One year I flipped one of those marathons that show the ballet from around the world and the crazy things other choreographers have done with this ballet is not ok with me. #BalanchineOrBust

4. Charlie Brown Christmas- I recently read that the part where Linus reads the book of Luke was a really controversial move at the time. Now, I am thinking it’s a good way to get out of Christmas Eve mass because Linus makes a great officiant.

5. Any of the Claymation specials- Rudolf, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, that one about Jack Frost, they’re all classics in my book.

6.The Preacher’s Wife- I haven’t seen this on in YEARS but it’s Whitney Houston singing Christmas music and Denzel Washington as an angel. ‘Nuff said.

7. A Chistmas Story-  This is just a good movie. It is a classic outside of being a good Christmas movie. I’ll probably have the marathon on all Christmas Eve.




Ashby All Grown Up

It was inevitable, our little kitten was bound to become a cat (Though I refuse to call him that). Luckily, he still enjoys all the same activities he did when we brought him home 6 months (!) ago. For instance…

Playing in bags
Playing in bags
Playing in boxes.
Playing in boxes (though the sullen looks are new)
Playing in laundry. All the time.
Playing in laundry. All the time.

Yes, he’s just a larger version of his kitten self. Larger and more capable of getting into trouble, like with my brand new potted plants…silly guy. He’s still cute as anything!


My Indoor-Outdoor Container Garden

This Labor Day weekend was the culmination of a gardening project we started earlier this winter: home composting for a container garden.

First, we started collecting organic waste on the kitchen  counter and composting in a plastic bin out on our porch. It was stinky and gross for the first few months, but now it is dark and not stinky at all!


Earlier this spring, I used my composted materials and potting soil to grow a little outdoor container herb garden. Results have been mixed; I killed a basil plant and a cilantro plant, and might be on my way to killing another basil plant and another cilantro plant. But the marjoram and the mint are doing great!

My struggling basil plant
My struggling basil plant
From left-right: mint, cilantro, marjoram
From left-right: mint, cilantro, marjoram

I’ve been dying to get some living plants inside, and this weekend was the perfect excuse to take that project on.  After 3 trips to Ace hardware because I bought more plants than pots, I’ve ended up with 5 pots and 7.5 plants!


My favorites are this Spider Plant and his friend the Purple Waffle:


This colorful Croton in a bright pot:


And this cute little guy:


Hooray plants!

Ashby’s Busy Week

This past week has been full of activity for Ashby! It was the boy’s birthday, so I dressed Ashby up in a little ribbon.

What handsome boys!
What handsome boys!

Ashby however was not amused and immediately worked to take off his ribbon.



Then it was signing day! Ashby and I watched ESPN during my day off while Ole Miss racked up a ton of great recruits. Hotty Toddy!



On Friday, Ashby had his first follow-up trip to the vet’s office. He was very well behaved…until he figured out that poking in his leg was a shot. Oh well.

Blissfully unaware of the scary shots to come
Blissfully unaware of the scary shots to come

After all of the vet drama, Ashby still had energy to help out with chores around the house!

That's much better help, thank you Ashby!
That’s much better help, thank you Ashby!

But with such a crazy week, Ashby needed to calm down with a little cat nap.

20130212_143045Good night Ashby!




Ashby Update!

I am absolutely obsessed with this cute kitten:

Adventures in the bookshelves!

Seriously, my future children should be very afraid because at the rate this kitten is photographed, videotaped, and loved they are doomed. But when the situation is this photograph-able, how can I resist?!

Very Christmas card-worthy

Ashby has grown in both length and height since we brought him home two weeks ago, his skinny little frame is starting to fill out, and his coat is getting so shiny! He still follows us from room to room but has become more nocturnal. Instead of sleeping with us all night, Ashby wanders around and plays by himself. But when he knows it’s time for us to get up, he snuggles back in bed and will try to play if  we show we’re awake!

The other night, Ashby discovered the dishwasher, and it was so funny and adorable, I just had to video it! For your enjoyment, Kitten Stuck in the Dishwasher:

Save Money- Don’t Buy Cat Toys

Ashby has proved himself to be an adorable and playful little guy!

We’ve noticed he tends to have cycles to his playtime during the day. He sleeps through the night as far as we can tell, so first thing in the morning it is playtime! After some playtime and breakfast, he settles down for a mid-morning cuddle. Then around noon it is time for more playing and sometimes lunch, if he isn’t too distracted. The afternoon brings another cat nap and another round of playtime around 4:30 when the boy gets home from work, and one more quick cuddle. We try to play with him as much as possible around dinner time until bed to keep up his habit of sleeping through the night.

Another thing we’ve noticed is his preference for found objects over his toys. Exhibit 1: the cardboard box.

Almost in the box
Almost in the box
Surprise attack!
Surprise attack!


Exhibit 2: The paper bag.

Ashby, I don't think that's the right idea
Ashby, I don’t think that’s the right idea
There you go!
There you go!


Exhibit 3: The shoelace.

Ashby will chase this shoelace  all day, every day
Ashby will chase this shoelace all day, every day

We’ve been able to make some toys more interesting by placing them in the box or paper bag, but looks like those balls and catnip mice are just a sunk investment. Oh well!