Phoenix 2012

One of my biggest ultimate frisbee goals for the past two seasons has been to make it on a competitive women’s club team.  Six days ago I achieved that goal. After a long two- day tryout with 30+ other talented women, I got a phone call inviting me to become part of Phoenix, the elite women’s team out of the Triangle, North Carolina.

I am so excited to learn high-level ultimate from this fantastic group of women. We will be traveling to the US Open Ultimate Championships in July, tournaments around the country, and hopefully will make it down to Sarasota, FL and bring a national title back to North Carolina.

Amidst all of the excitement of making the team and writing in practices and tournaments on my schedule, I have become incredibly nervous about  performing well at practice, getting into shape, and becoming part of this tight-knit team.  So i have decided to write posts throughout the season to center myself on the experience, learning, and achieving my personal goals.

Last season all of my goals were working toward this tryout, becoming a better player, and being a role model for the younger girls at Elon.  Now I am back to being a rookie, and have some things to learn from new role models.  This year, I’m focusing on my mental game and being a great teammate.


1. Work on mental game and confidence.

2.  Leave it all on the field for every practice, not just every game.

3. Get in extracurricular strength/cardio conditioning to play faster O and harder D.

4. Find new diet regime to maximize energy stores at tournaments.

5. Get to know one new person at each practice, workout, or tournament.

Hopefully posting blogs throughout the season will keep me accountable to these goals, and I can track my progress and what I’m learning.